Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Heads. Tails. No, Do Over.

Just heard this today, via NPR; it's Bush talking at a Rose Garden event about Rumsfeld and why he won't be booted:

"I'm the decider. And I decide what's best and what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain the Secretary of Defense."

Is it me, or does Bush yet again sound like some dork on the schoolyard choosing teams, trying to explain why he picked the runt in the lineup? Or a four-year-old trying to convince his mom that he needs to wear two different shoes to preschool?

Found similar from the halcyon days of June 2000, before everything went to hell. Also a funny bit about how we'll all know how he's decided. What an idiot frat boy. It helps a little just to say it. What an idiot frat boy. God. From CNN:

QUESTION: Governor, there's been some talk you're going to have a committee to go over the vice presidential prospects. Do you think it's going to be much more of personal decision...


BUSH: Yes, there's no committees.

QUESTION: Is it you and Mr. Cheney?

BUSH: Yes, somebody said we're running focus groups to determine who the vice president ought to be. Forget it, it's not happening. This decision process is about how I make decisions.

BUSH: And I'm a good decider, I know how to make decisions.


BUSH: Because it's going to be my vice president, and, again, I don't need a committee to figure out who is best to be the vice president. And I'm going to take my time, and I'm going to decide, and I'll make a good decision. And I haven't decided yet.

My body language would probably be different if I decided. You'll be able to detect it right off the bat. And then you'll be saying, you've decided but you won't tell. And nor have I decided when I'm going to announce. I'm going to take my time and make a very thorough decision.

Well, it's always a pleasure. See you later.

HEMMER: And with the developing press briefing out of Canton, Ohio with George W. Bush.