Friday, March 31, 2006

Mitt Romney in Outbreak: The Containment

Today Massachusetts's Supreme Court ruled that couples who live in states that prohibit gay marriage cannot travel to Massachusetts to be legally wed unless they plan to move there. What is Mitt Romney, some Mormon angling for the White House, doing governing this bluest of the blue states? How did this happen?

From the the Times:

The ruling, supported by six of the court's seven justices, upheld a 1913 law that says that no out-of-state resident can marry in Massachusetts if the marriage would be void in the person's home state, unless the person intends to live in Massachusetts.

The lawsuit began after same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts in May 2004 and Gov. Mitt Romney, an opponent of it, invoked the 1913 statute, which had been originally adopted in part to block interracial marriages. Mr. Romney refused to record out-of-state marriages, saying, "Massachusetts should not become the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage."

Well, whyever not? And a question: Shouldn't it seem just a bit unseemly to these people to be making 2006 law out of a 1913 law that was racist? Guess not.

Then there's this:

Governor Romney, in an interview Thursday, said, "This is an important victory for traditional marriage and for the right of each state to be sovereign as it defines marriage. It's very important to contain a bad initial decision on same-sex marriage by this court and not impose it on the other 49 states."

Impose it on the other 49 states. Contain a bad initial decision. As if people will spread their libertine, debased germs to corruptible...who? All the thirteen-year-old kids, black and white, rich and poor, who've been mainlining hip-hop and its attendant fucked-up gender politics?