Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tuppence A Bag

Here is something that I found that cheered me up a bit. While also depressing the hell out of me, because it's one more piece of evidence bolstering my hypothesis that the British really are better than we are. We can start with the preponderance of great British rock musicians and great British women writers relative to our own, the graphic design of the Tube, the graphic design in Boots, their biggest chain of drugstores, and then move on from there. Also, they have celebrity chefs, mock their Rod Stewart shags if you must, who have actually tried to remedy what I last posted about. Before we gave them the idea to replicate The Biggest Loser, they were airing this.

But first, please do visit the website of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and spend some time at Tales of the Big Garden Bird Watch. If you mist over at memories of going to sleep with Radio 4 murmuring in your London hotel room, this is the next best thing. Additionally:

1. They are promoting nationwide birdwatching "schemes" under the rubric "Aren't Birds Brilliant," no question mark, because of course they are.

2. Their slogan is "For birds, for people, for ever".

3. The design is clean and sharp with clean and sharp and lovingly snapped pictures of...birds.

(Yeah, it's hipster-girl porn, as is this, which the proprietess of Prunes and Prism turned me on to. Related: A Special Report from A Special Way of Being Afraid on mascot-on-mascot violence that is not to be missed.)

An excerpt, voiceover done by Jim Broadbent:

As a father of two small children, the excuse to sit down and lock myself away for 60 minutes is welcome. However, this year, Molly (just turned five), joined me to take part in Big Garden Birdwatch.

My garden in Cambridgeshire is fairly standard, a couple of bird tables and lots of bushes. It backs onto a cow field which in turn backs onto the River Ouse. I get all sorts of things flying over or along the river but what would I get actually in my garden this weekend?

The suspense is unbearable! Put on a pot of Earl Grey, get yourself a canister of milk chocolate HobNobs, and settle in.

P.S. I decided to learn to link. I don't suppose you can tell.