Sunday, November 13, 2005

Post That I Will Regret In the Morning

Ah, Peter Sarsgaard. I knew I loved you for all the right reasons, and here is more proof, from the Times magazine:

Sarsgaard attended an all-boy Jesuit high school in Connecticut, where he became interested in movies. "The priests would screen films after school," he recalled. "Some really racy Italian cinema like Fellini, actually. I think that was their only excitement." Sarsgaard, who was brought up a Catholic, still has faith. "I like the death-cult aspect of Catholicism," he said, half-jokingly. "Every religion is interested in death, but Catholicism takes it to a particularly high level. I mean, you can't miss Easter Sunday. Everybody's born, but rising from the dead - nobody else did that." He laughed. "Seriously, in Catholicism," he went on, "you're supposed to love your enemy. That really impressed me as a kid, and it has helped me as an actor. I don't believe there are bad people. Just people who do bad things. The way that I view the characters I play is part of my religious upbringing. To abandon curiosity in all personalities, good or bad, is to give up hope in humanity. Like somebody who is mumbling on the street - I'm always curious if his words make any sense. I'm interested in lost souls. They possess another sort of secret." Sarsgaard paused, then added: "And sex is better being Catholic. A little conflict makes everything more interesting."

Does Maggie Gyllenhaal like the death-cult aspect of Catholicism? If not, I offer myself up for a little conflict.